If you are a homeschooling family, then you are probably familiar with at least one of these great homeschool bloggers.  We have included excerpts from their reviews of our products.  Click on their name to read their full review.



One House Schoolroom:


Math Essentials first caught my attention when I read that each lesson only took 20 minutes a day.  First, I was skeptical- 20 minutes to review, teach, and reinforce math concepts in a way that would truly allow the student to grasp all aspects of the lesson?  But upon further study, I found that Math Essentials was written by Richard W. Fisher- a classroom math teacher whose experiences with his own class inspired him to create this program.  And the results speak for themselves- “As a sixth-grade teacher, over one-half of my sixth grade students bypass the seventh grade, and go directly to a high powered eighth-grade algebra program.”  Those are pretty impressive statistics!!


The Chick ‘n Coop:


The workbook pages are also simple in design, but thorough in review and mastering the concept that was just learned. There are not too many problems. A huge complaint that always surfaces in our house. There are two speed drills in the shape of a wheel with 10 numbers going around it. There is a circle in the middle of the wheel that is empty. You are to put the number of your choice in the wheel. The student then makes their way around the wheel and solves the problems. One wheel is multiplication and the addition. My kids cringe at speed drills and these were a breath of fresh air for me and the kids. It’s amazing what a little change in design will do! The speed drill wheel is compact so it gives the illusion of less problems to do! Yay! There are 4 review exercises, helpful hints, 12 practice problems and 1 story problem at the end of the lesson.


Blessed Beyond a Doubt:


No-Nonsense Algebra is a complete Algebra 1 program that comes in a workbook form.  What is unique about this program is that you receive a password in the back of the book, so your student can set up an account on their website.  The student has the option of viewing a video explaining in detail each lesson and skill.  This is a major plus for our large family since my time is limited.


Hearts at Home Curriculum Store:


My son is really enjoying this math program. He has been doing both books alongside another program as a supplement and to help him catch up. He is improving greatly in his math skills! He is understanding, grasping and actually mastering the concepts, whereas before he was just skating through and not really understanding how things were working. This really is an easy to follow program that helps students to master, and reinforce math skills by the daily systematic reviews.

Practical Homeschooling Magazine (By Toni Clark and Marilyn Beaumont):

Want to skip a grade of math – seventh grade, to be exact? Numerous math drill books on the market claim they can boost your basic math skills up to peak performance…but can you stomach the tedious and boring daily drills they throw at you?

Math teacher Richard Fisher decided to take the “dull” out of math computation by writing Mastering Essential Math Skills: 20 minutes a Day to Success. Each year about one third of Fisher’s sixth-grade students bypass the seventh-grade math program and move directly to eighth-grade algebra, with the use of this workbook that was written to complement and supplement basic math texts. Lessons are structured to be used as a mental warm-up for the basic math text, adding confidence and motivation.

Each workbook in this series provides short, concise, non-intimidating, self-contained lessons, paced drills and requires only 20 minutes per day. Students not only master math skills, but maintain skills and reinforce them through consistent review built into each lesson.

This 127-page consumable Basic Edition workbook covers the four basic math operations, plus, fractions, decimals, percentages, integers, geometry, charts and graphs, and problem solving. The drills are presented in a 20 minute daily lesson, stressing student involvement and quick thinking. There is no time for day dreaming in these fast-paced lessons!

The one-page daily lesson opens with four review exercises, two speed drills on addition and multiplication, and an oral work through of the review exercises. New material is introduced with two sample exercises and a helpful hint section, before working on 10 problems. A daily word problem closes the lesson.

The workbook contains about 120 lesson in 12 chapters. The chapters included are whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, geometry, number theory and algebra, integers, charts and graphs, probability and statistics, and a word problem chapter.

The Middle Grades/High School Edition of Mastering Essential Math Skills covers similar material in a slightly faster-paced way for kids who are a year or two older but who still need to brush up on the same basic math and pre-algebra. With consistent review built into each lesson, concepts missed in the basic curriculum will be covered in the daily review or new material section. You definitely will be ready for Algebra 1 after completing either of these workbooks!