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Basic Math Skills Rescue, Part 1

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  • In recent months, millions of students have fallen behind in math. Many have struggled to the point of completely giving up. This has reached a crisis stage.

    Intel Innovations in Teaching Award-winning math teacher Richard W. Fisher has created an amazing algebra-readiness program to completely turn this around. With 31 years of experience in the classroom, he knows what it takes to ensure student success in math.

    The exciting news is that this new math program, Basic Math Skills Rescue, Parts One & Two, is now available to all students.

    There are three clusters of essential math skills that all students need to learn and master. These are the foundational skills that will gradually lead children to algebra. Students need to have a strong understanding of these topics. These skills are aptly called the Critical Foundations of Algebra.

    • Students need to fully understand these skills conceptually.
    • They need to be able to compute accurately with them.
    • They need to be able to apply them to problem solving.
    • Automatic recall of number facts is also vitally important.
    • The concepts, computation, problem solving, and recall of facts are mutually supportive of one another.

    The Critical Foundations of Algebra

    • Whole Numbers.
    • Fractions and decimals, including percents, integers and positive and negative fractions and decimals.
    • Some aspects of measurement and geometry.

    With a strong background in these areas, students will be prepared for success in algebra and beyond.

    The importance of a student’s success in algebra cannot be over-emphasized. Algebra is the gateway subject that will equip students to take more advanced math, science, and technical classes. Success in algebra opens many doors to a higher education and a rewarding career; lack of success in algebra will sadly result in these doors staying closed.

    Basic Math Skills Rescue, Parts 1 and 2 will ensure mastery of these Critical Skills of Algebra.

    Part 1 consists of three complete books:

    • Whole numbers & integers
    • Fractions
    • Decimals

    Part 2 consists of three complete books:

    • Geometry
    • Problem Solving using all the above skills
    • More Advanced Pre-Algebra Skills

    This program will teach students these vital math skills in the most effective way possible. Here are some of the parent/teacher/student friendly program highlights.

    • Short, concise, non-intimidating, self-contained lessons
    • A “Helpful Hints” section as part of each lesson to ensure that parents and students alike will understand each new topic
    • Free Access to Online Video Tutorials taught by the author
    • Each lesson is self-contained and easy to understand with no fluff or distractions
    • Consistent review is built into each lesson
    • Chapter tests and final exams
    • Fun and exciting . . . students feel successful and develop self-esteem

    The end result . . . Success in Algebra!

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